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Paradise Oil

As an artist, independent reiki practioner, entrepreneur, author and creator I have a natural affinity for beauty and the importance of relaxation to both the mind and body temple. I also enjoy a soothing, warm bath too, not only for cleansing the skin. So, that is how this body care product was formed. Paradise Oil was initially created for my own personal use to alleviate repeated bouts of dry, dull looking and sensitive, aging skin.

Using my mother's favorite oil choice: olive oil-- were a staple for our family's newborn babies first-- "old-fashioned" oil bathes. Because it held up to its proven ability to gently clean and beautify.  So, with its highly beneficial track record-- would definitely be the foundation!  Working with my old d.i.y. recipe I'd concocted and dallied with; as I continued to tweak over the years-- and used on my own young children after their nighttime bathes-- their skin was soft and nicely toned. It's made simple, but made with integrity... and made good!!

This basic recipe has since evolved and developed into an amazingly soothing, yet effective product for those wanting a non-abrasive, non-chemical solution that will protect the skin w visible + benefits!

Paradise Oil is a gift to be shared and enjoyed!

Attention: Blending will be adjusted when necessary due to supplier(s) availability and sourcing standards-- to respectfully maintain its continuity; high quality, and the effective performance of Paradise Oil and La' Crem Body Creme (*non-dairy) products.

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