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Our Products

Uses:  Shower/Bath Body and Grooming Care

Simplified and customized for the man or woman that appreciates quality from an All-Natural and great product--and the pleasure of an after-bath or shower pampering that  Paradise Oil ...  delivers! 



 *Introductory prices are ONLY for a limited time!!!

Handcrafted: *Paradise Oil ~ Body Oil  2oz glass bottle $18.00 (reg. $24.00)


*Paradise Oil~La'Crem ~ Soft Churned: Body Butter 4 oz round container $12.00 (reg. $14.00)  and 2 oz $8.50 USD   (AVAILABLE NOW!!!)


*Rich, Hydrating, Moisturizing Body Butter Cremes:

Whipped: Shea & Mango Butter.

Soft Churned: Coconut; Avocado & Goat's Milk.

Yummy Butter.  Acai Berry, Aloe Vera & Honey.


All combination luscious... body butters 4 oz. $8.50 ea. USD~


*No Exchange/Refund ONLY for broken or damaged product(s) upon delivery.

Attention: Blending will be adjusted when necessary due to supplier, availability and sourcing standards-- to respectfully maintain it's continuity; high quality, and effective performance of Paradise Oil and La' Crem Body Creme products. *Paradise Oil and *La' Crem Body Creme are sulfate and detergent-free; non-GMO or alcohol; and preservative free and contain no fillers, artificial colorants/dyes or modifiers and this makes it light sensitive. *To maintain potency store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. 




Family, in light of the continuing (global) impact and effects due to the Covid-19--pandemic, with the utmost concern and, in the overall best interest to prevent the risk of contamination--we have decided to temporarily suspend ALL production and sales of the entire body care line including: Paradise Oil, and La'Crem Body Butter--UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!! 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support and trusting patronage. 

Be vigilant in both your safety and well-being. In addition, to practicing "Brotherly Love" towards others so that we may soon play together...again!



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